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Moana Superyacht Festival

June 30th, 2022 (Thursday) - July 1st, 2022 (Friday)

Welcome to the inaugural Moana Superyacht Festival, a first-of-a-kind celebration that welcomes and connects all crews from across the globe with the pioneering, seafaring culture of Tahiti.

French Polynesia

The Islands of Tahiti

Magical and mystical, the five archipelagos of Tahiti have long captivated the hearts, minds, and imaginations of explorers, artists, and travelers alike. It is easy to see why. With 118 motu (islands and atolls) you can find everything from primordial mountain tops, to lush tropical rainforests and moon-like volcanic terrain; transparent lagoons and cozy coves, to formidable surf breaks and rainbow-colored reefs. From frenetic drumbeats and fiery dance to sensuous hip-sway, Tahiti epitomizes exoticism like few other destinations but our place is more than a postcard.

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Complete travel guide to Society Islands (French Polynesia). Explore The Islands of Tahiti. Every adventure to Tahiti and her Islands starts here!

S O C I E T Y I S L A N D S . C O M

Society Islands

The Islands of Tahiti

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